Personalized partnership, naming and funeral ceremonies by Brad McCormick

Personalized partnership, naming and funeral ceremonies by Brad McCormick

A New Zealander now based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I’m just like a Humanist Celebrant. But I’m not a Humanist Celebrant.

I’m a trained and qualified Civil Celebrant that conducts personalized ceremonies where you decide the content.

If you are aware of Humanist Celebrants, what I do is incredibly similar. Like them, my partnership ceremonies are not legally binding.  But unlike them, I am not restricted by any Humanist beliefs where religion cannot be included.  The choice of content is totally in your hands.

The result is that your ceremony will be unique and personal to you.

What sets me apart is my background.  I have a decade of experience in the performing arts as an actor and a writer.  I’m totally confident speaking in front of groups of people from 5 to 500 and will deliver superbly written, bespoke scripts.

I also happen to be from New Zealand – a country of friendly, hard-working people with an accent that truly stands out.

Brad McCormick, The Kiwi Celebrant, officiating at a newlywed couple's ceremony

Wedding Ceremonies and Partnership Ceremonies

Ceremonies conducted by Registrars must adhere strictly to content guidelines. There is little room to move and as a consequence the ceremonies can come across as impersonal and same.

With my partnership ceremonies you have the freedom to choose what you say and when, who can participate and where you do it.

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Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies give you an opportunity to introduce your child to the community outside of a religious setting. Announce their name, acknowledge the child’s ‘Supporting Adults’ and pledge your commitment to your child in front of family and friends.

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Funeral Ceremonies

I approach all my ceremonies with the aim of telling a story and I feel that with funeral and memorial ceremonies this is especially important.

In my ceremonies I will endeavor to sensitively tell the story of loved ones who have passed on, how they influenced those around them and their unique effect on the community. No one’s life is the same and I will create a ceremony that reflects that uniqueness and which is imbued with the person’s character.

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